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Infected Tooth Needs Root Canal

As far as the most helpful fixes to your teeth are concerned, you can’t get better than a root canal! Toothaches are one of the most painful things anybody can go through, and could cost you your smile. When you get cavities in your teeth, a root canal might be an essential option. It brings your teeth back to pristine condition without having to lose them completely! At iSmile Dental Roswell, our root canal treatments and other endodontic services are at competitive prices.

When Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

You would need a root canal or endodontic treatment when the pulp gets an infection. As the infections can stem from deep rooted tooth decay, prolonged exposure to dental procedures, or major damage like root fracture or cracking, it's important to get checked out. But the disease of the gun can also cause issue to the pulp, which is where root canal treatment needs to be undertaken as soon as possible.

The structure of a tooth comprises of the following:

  • The Enamel: This forms the outer layer of the tooth. this is the part that we can all see.
  • The Dentin: Following next to the enamel, it holds the pulp chamber.
  • The Pulp Chamber: It carries the blood vessels, as well as nerves and connective tissue of your tooth. Put simply, this is the part that keeps your tooth alive!

When the tooth is infected, this can result in inflammation of the pulp oh my which causes pressure inside the tooth. This causes pain and, over time, can result in extensive damage to the pulp. While the death of the pulp can reduce the pain initially, it can return later as an acute, but sharp pain. To save your tooth, root canal treatment is necessary. before undergoing any root canal, the teeth have to be assessed properly, as well as the correct diagnosis. Dr. Alpert may request an x-ray of the troubled tooth as well as a general health assessment.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

  • Dr. Alpert administers local anesthesia to the affected tooth. This numbs the area and prevents additional pain.
  • A dental dam (a thin sheet of rubber) is applied to cover the treatment area. The infected tooth will punch a hole through the rubber sheet, which provides a sterile environment for the treatment.
  • Dr. Alpert drills a small hole on the enamel. This allows access to the tooth’s infected pulp and root canals.
  • The dead pulp matter is then removed using special tools.
  • The canals become disinfected to prevent bacteria.
  • After cleaning, the channels are shaped. This allows the reception of root canal fillings. Dr. Alpert will clean it again, so to remove any excess material before the canals are filled.
  • The root filling, comprised of a rubber-like material or thermoplastic material, is placed. Adhesive cement is used to seal the filling and the access hole. It can be permanent or temporary.
  • After the root canal procedure is complete, an antibiotic may be prescribed by Dr. Alpert to treat the infection, and a permanent crown is placed to replace the structure left by the lost tooth.

Root canal treatment restores damaged teeth by extracting pain-sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the tooth's pulp, saving your tooth, fighting the toothache and bringing the tooth back to its normal function. If you’re showing the signs of severe toothache, don't delay, contact iSmile Dental Roswell.

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